What is VMobile Softphone?

VoIP/SIP client tailor made for BlackBerry. Connects your IP telephony with your BlackBerry smartphone.

How it works?

VMobile Softphone delivers your land line VoIP / SIP calls to the BlackBerry device in your pocket. Works both with Wi-Fi and 3G.

Why it makes sense?

A BlackBerry app transforming your smartphone in a moneysaving tool. You can be abroad and get high quality Wi-Fi calls for much less money than roaming service will charge you. Now VMobile Softphone gives you access to multiple (2) accounts.

Does it fit my BlackBerry

Different versions for BB OS 5, 6 and 7. Check the full list of tested devices:

  • BlackBerry Curve 8900;
  • BlackBerry Curve 9300;
  • BlackBerry Curve 9320;
  • BlackBerry Curve 9360;
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700;
  • BlackBerry Bold 9780;
  • BlackBerry Bold 9790;
  • BlackBerry Bold 9930;
  • BlackBerry Torch 9800;
  • BlackBerry p9981 Porsche Design.


VMobile 1.0 VoIP/SIP Softphone offers you:

  • Compatibility with any SIP/VoIP server - SIP RFC 3261;
  • Supports multiple SIP / VoIP accounts. Ability to switch between two SIP profiles.
  • Secured calls – VPN friendly application;
  • Industry standard Voice quality - PCMU/8000 audio codec support;
  • Integration with native Blackberry contact list - make a call dialing directly from your BlackBerry device contact list;
  • Missed VMobile calls indicator – visible on the BlackBerry home screen. Available only when the Softphone is active;
  • Option to choose from different phone numbers of a single contact - home, office, cell, etc.;
  • Improved DTMF user experience - touchtone for sending digits & letters. Improved on version 1.0.50, no ALT key is required to type digits;
  • Comfortable APN settings – ability to manage them through the application;
  • Control over:
    • user name;
    • password;
    • domain name;
    • outbound proxy address.
  • Integration with BlackBerry call history and app`s own call history – 30 answered, 30 dialed, 30 missing calls;
  • Redial directly from the call history list;
  • Option to delete specific entry or all history;
  • Volume control with the standard BlackBerry buttons we all are used to;
  • Easy enable/disable background process with a single click;
  • Switch between loudspeaker and handset - using space button;
  • Prefixes – when configured, they will be added automatically to all numbers, regardless of their length;
  • Integration with BlackBerry sound profiles – choose the ringtone you like from the device sound profiles;
  • Indicators for:
    • WiFi & 3G connectivity;
    • WiFi name;
    • SIP registration status;
    • missed VMobile calls;
  • One time fee, all updates are included;
  • Built-in PayPal payment option.

NOTE: 3G data charges may apply

How to set it up

1. At initial installation VMobile Softphone app requires access to the smartphone recourses. Please confirm with Save button.

2. Connect the device to any Wi-Fi hotspot.

3. Start the VMobile Softphone app and go to Settings menu.

4. Insert the parameters of your VoIP/SIP vendor in Settings menu:

  • User name and Password;
  • Domain name;
  • Name or address of outbound proxy server;

5. If you intend to use 3G you need to enter APN parameters as specified by your mobile network provider in Options -> Device -> Advanced System Settings -> TCP/IP

6. Save your 3G settings

7. Enter and save your APN settings

8. Make your calls via WiFi...

9. ...or 3G network


Doesn’t register with my SIP account

  • Please check carefully your account credentials as user name and passwords.
  • Ask your SIP vendor for its proxy and domain name.
  • Check the communication port. It should be 5060

3G calls doesn’t work

You have to configure APN settings as specified by your mobile network provider. Options / Device / Advanced System Settings / TCP IP

Successfully registered but can`t have a call

You`ll need some debugging. Hit the menu button on your BlackBerry and enable SIP log. Try again and send us the log file at Device > Home > User > vmobile.txt

How can I check my com port?

During the initial registration fill the Proxy field with your SIP server as: The last four digits stand for com port which with VMobile Softphone should be 5060, as it is most common used one.

Return policy

If at any time and for any reason, you do not feel that your purchase has lived up to your expectations simply request a refund. VMobile purchases are accepted for refund within 7 days of the original license purchase.

Please indicate your reason for returning the license you have purchased in your refund request sent trough e-mail to our support e-mail. The request must include the license key you have got after paying for the application.


About Us

VMobile is a new telecommunication company working on mobile and fixed lines solutions.

Working since 2011, VMobile is established to give its customers accessible phone calls via their smartphones.

VMobile is a project strongly relying on innovations in telecommunication sector as well as our engineers’ and developers experience.

Our Mission

Your telecommunication expense. Optimized

Our team is perfectly familiar with the delivery of quality telecommunication services. As experts, we are aware of the fact that this process can be optimized much more. This means less costs for our customers, combined with the same or even better quality of what you get until now.

Our values

You are free…

The free access to data and information is key value of the society we`re living in. If this access is granted to all of us, this means we`ll be able to be more flexible than before, more effective and respectively – more successful.

With free data access we`ll be able to cut our telecommunication costs. Transforming voice in to data combined with the ability of public Wi-Fi networks for free data transfer, we`ll get cost reducing calls. No matter what country we are in, we couldn’t have to pay roaming charges.

Our goal

We are saving your money

At VMobile we are working to deliver our customers the ability of free and accessible calls. And to pay much smaller bills.

Customer References and Feedback


12 April 2013

More than 5 Stars!!!!!! I test many VOIP Apps for my BB 9900 but nothing work like this one. Very easy to setup and very easy to handle. Now with the BBOS builds its also no problem anymore with the sound problem which was there before on BBOS builds If you search a VOIP app buy this one and you be happy.


Milos Milovanovic

29 April 2013

Vmobile works GREAT on my BB9930


Sherman Zhou

14 February 2013

I tried good via WiFi, no 3G so I consulted to its technical support for soliution how can my app work on WCDMA, my carrier is FIDO Canada. He detected the problemand and find me the solution,thanks,


Cuan Wessels

14 January 2013

I just want to say thank you for creating a excellent app for bb and others. I have tried all different apps and some don't work or they give problems. Yours on the other side is working 100%
Keep up the good work
Thank you



13 December 2012

I compared the eSky VoIP app with this one, and I can clearly say that the VMobile had the bugfree installation and a good voice quality during the calls over WiFi and 3G. However, a core feature is missing: eSky allows to choose between VoIP and normal GSM call during each call seamlessly, but VMobile only allows calls once you have started the app. If they add this additional feature to Vmobile, it would be unbeatable in the BB VoIP scene.


Charles Michaels

30 November 2012

This is a great SIP client! Just wanted to let your team know. Thank you!!



28 November 2012

Atlast I have got a working SIP client for BlackBerry phone, I am testing it with my own SIP server now and I must say its an excellent piece of softphone. Very easy and friendly interface and good voice qualitymm


Carlo Emiliani

21 November 2012

Perfect ! Excellent ! Software works very well; technical support is fantastic ! Thanks a lot !!!


Simran Wadhwa

11 November 2012

I would like to thank vmobile for their excellent service in responding to the emails both blackberry and iPhone are working fine. I hope the service will remain like this I am just going to rate you on the App Store. Thanks


Emmanuel Moncuit

11 October 2012

Your app is very great : good design, easy to use. I have tested a lot of SIP's app, compatible with the bold 9780, I have not found an equivalent. Congratulations !!! I will advertise your application! Thanks


Dominik Thomaser

6 October 2012

I'm absolutely in love with your blackberry app and thank you again for all the help.



16 June 2012

I must say I really like the Vmobile app. I tried many others and those are just crap. Vmobile is simple and small application, which just works. Thats how I like it.


Diego, Argentina

18 June 2012

It worked just grate!! I tested with another Argentine user and we could talk perfectly.


Bondok The Mighty

29 May 2012

This is the best and cheapest SIP client for BB. I tried all others, they all have poor audio quality.



8 June 2012

The new version is much much better, thank you very much, that's exactly what I needed.



7 July 2012

Very small, very easy to use. Works perfect for my asterisk server.



19 May 2012

Merci ca marche! Merci pour votre rapidite et efficacite.



25 April 2012

thanks for your help. I just bought the app because of your extremely good support in answering my emails.


Gil Kam

25 April 2012

Just want to say thanks for all your help. I also add Very Positive review in the AppWorld for the software.